Get Involved

Get Involved - Become a Volunteer

Find an engineering interest group to your liking, and you can get involved in everything from chairing international committees to contributing to field-specific technical endeavours. You might visit schools to get kids excited about a career in engineering, or lobby state and Federal government in an engineering advocacy role.

Other voluntary roles include standards setting, presenting at conferences, hosting international delegations, competency assessments and awards programs.

What is a Volunteer?

A volunteer is any member or non-member who performs a task for us in an honorary capacity....Learn more

What is an Office Bearer?

An office bearer is any member of one of our authorised committees, boards and groups , who undertakes the role in an honorary capacity, and for a set period of time....Learn more

Benefits of Volunteering

An estimated 5000 members undertake office bearer roles and voluntary tasks each year. Their efforts are estimated to produce over half of Engineers Australia's outputs – and the volunteers and their employers reap many benefits as well.

Success Stories

Still not convinced? These success stories show how volunteering could benefit you.

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