Chartered Via Interview

The premium pathway for senior, experienced engineers to achieve the Chartered credential.

Chartered. The Measure of Excellence

Be recognised for your experience with the Chartered credential

As an experienced engineer, you’ve already got runs on the board and you’ve earned your place at the top of the profession. Now it’s time for your hard work to be recognised.  

When you earn your status as a Chartered engineer, you'll gain: 

  1. Global recognition—Chartered engineers are recognised throughout the world over for their skills and their professionalism. Chartered is your ticket to global recognition and working abroad. 
  2. Career progression—Looking for a senior or consulting role? By demonstrating your skills with a Chartered credential, you gain a competitive edge and show commitment to the highest professional standards. 
  3. Leadership development—Chartered engineers are peer-assessed against industry-recognised standards. You’ll be benchmarked against the best across 16 key competencies, spanning technical, management and communication skills. 

If you have 15 years or more experience in the profession, you could achieve your Chartered status without delay with the Chartered via interview process.  

Chartered via interview is a premium pathway for senior, experienced engineers designed to minimise the time commitment for you to achieve Chartered status.  



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What are the application criteria?

  1. At least 15 years’ post graduate experience.   
  2. The roles you’ve held need to include significant responsibilities in leading teams or projects. 
  3. Current membership grade of Member or Fellow.

If you meet these criteria:

  1. Provide a detailed verified CV and the contact details of two referees to verify your qualifications using this document
    • The verified CV is in lieu of other evidence—the assessors must be able to clearly see that the Chartered Stage 2 Competencies have been met by the roles and activities described.  A company profile or similar is not sufficient. 

How to get Chartered via Interview

  1. Email [email protected] requesting use of the Chartered via interview pathway and attach your verified CV and completed self assessment document.
  2. Engineers Australia will review your verified CV, and if accepted, will provide access to the Chartered via Interview pathway within the online application system. If not accepted, you will be advised by email which will detail other Chartered application options for you. 
  3. On receipt of the alternate pathway approved notification, follow the prompts to enrol and provide your payment, verified CV (again) and CPD Log. 
  4. You will be contacted to arrange a suitable time for your professional interview conducted via video platform e.g. Skype. The interview will take approximately one hour and will involve a broad discussion of your engineering career. 
  5. Following the success of your interview, you will receive an email notification confirming your Chartered award and areas of practice. An official certificate will follow in the mail soon after.


What is a verified CV?

A verified CV must include a statement to attest the claims in your CV are true and accurate. A statement to this effect signed off by the verifier is sufficient. The verifier can be anyone who knows your work.