How do I apply?

Prepare yourself for Chartered

Become Chartered - The Six Step Process


Pathways to Chartered

Find out more about our pathways to Chartered and guidance on applying in some specific Areas of Practice - which ones are you eligible for? 

Are you ready for Chartered?

Current Member of Engineers Australia at the grade of Full Member (MIEAust, TMIEAust or AMIEAust)? If not - Join or Upgrade here.

Chosen the correct pathway? Check out whether you may be eligible for an alternate pathway or whether you follow the Standard Member Pathway 6 step process.

Understand the Stage 2 Competencies and our Chartered Evidence Requirements?

✓  Completed a Self Assessment and Industry Review at the level of Functional or Above?

✓ Have a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Log ready and up to date?

✓ Clear on your Areas of Practice you are seeking for Chartered? 

If you are interested in pursuing Chartered, but not yet ready, please complete the Self Assessment and start your Industry Review - these are useful tools for your development as you ready yourself for Chartered. You should also be recording your CPD Activities and starting to gather a portfolio of Evidence.

Manage your entire Chartered application process online now.

Chartered Fees

  • Standard Member Pathway - $1815 inc GST
  • Chartered via Interview - $1925 inc GST
  • Add an Area of Practice - $335.50 inc GST
  • Chartered for Academics - POA
  • Other Pathways - POA 

Previously Chartered?

If you previously held Chartered Status and wish to reinstate, please follow the reinstatement process outlined here.

Changing Occupational Category?

Chartered is awarded across the three occupational categories of Associate, Technologist and Professional Engineer. Often members who are Associates and Technologists will undertake work experience and study to change to the next category. 

If you hold Chartered Status in one category, this will be removed if your occupational category changes and you will need to complete a new Chartered application for your new occupational category.  This is also the case if you have started an application in one category and mid-application, change your category.  Please contact the Member Services team for advice if you are in this situation. 



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