Standards Australia

Dedicated to the establishment and use of consistent standards

Standards Australia is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the establishment and acceptance of standards that ensure the safety and consistency of Australian goods, products and services. As the nation's peak non-government body committed to standards, Standards Australia promotes an Australian presence in international standards and works towards efficacy and sustainability.

Engineers Australia values and supports the development of standards by Standards Australia for most processes, materials, developments and products in Australia. Australian Standards underpin Australian industry and must by necessity have an international focus.

The strength of Standards Australia Committees comes from their consensus basis and their voluntary membership. They represent a variety of organisations with minimal prejudice or bias. Standards developed by Standards Australia meet certain requirements for due process, consensus, and other criteria by those developing the standard. The contribution to the community, to Standards development and to engineering, in general, is important and appreciated.

Engineers Australia encourages its members to participate in the work of the standards development committees whenever possible and values each nominee’s contributions. Members participate in Standards Australia committees on a voluntary basis.

As well as Standards Australia, EA works with other standards development organisations, including:

  • Communications Alliance, that develop standards for the Australian communications industry, and
  • GS1, who develop barcode and other standards, allowing businesses to exchange critical data.