Standards Australia

    Dedicated to the establishment and use of consistent standards

    Engineers Australia encourages its members to participate in the work of the standards development committees whenever possible and values each nominee’s contributions.

    Advantages of volunteering on a committee include:

    • the opportunity to expand your professional network
    • contributing to the development and review of Standards using your specialised expertise
    • the ability to claim continuing professional development hours for your work under Type V (Service to the Engineering Profession)
    • the opportunity to expand upon and increase your knowledge, skills and experience.

    Standards Australia is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the establishment and acceptance of standards that ensure the safety and consistency of Australian goods, products and services. As the nation's peak non-government body committed to standards, Standards Australia promotes an Australian presence in international standards and works towards efficacy and sustainability.

    Find out more about the process of developing an Australian Standard. 

    For enquiries, contact [email protected]

    An important stage in the development of an Australian Standard is the public comment period. Engineers Australia encourages members to use the period to provide their view on its provisions. All comments are considered in detail by the relevant committee and, if necessary, further drafting is undertaken.

    Please register and view current standards seeking public comment at Standards Australia.


    If you are interested in being an Engineers Australia nominee on a Standards Australia committee, complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) form and submit along with a copy of your current CV.

    Be sure to indicate your area of interest and experience and to specify the committee (if listed below) that you are interested in being an Engineers Australia nominee on.

    Committees seeking EOIs

    • BD-038 Wet Areas in Buildings
    • BD-059 Demolition of Structures 
    • CE-009 Testing of Soils for Engineering Purposes
    • CS-034 Swimming and Pool Spas 
    • ET-007 Coordinating Committee for Power and Telecommunications (CCPT)
    • FP-023 Tunnel Fire Safety
    • IT-032 Biometrics and Identification
    • IT-269 Smart Cities System
    • MN-002 Iron Ores and Direct Reduced Iron
    • MN-003 Aluminium Ores
    • MN-005 Copper, Lead, Zinc and Nickel Ores and Concentrates Committee
    • MT-002 Copper and Copper Alloys
    • PL-046 Rotationally Moulded Storage Tanks
    • TM-012 Timber Grading and Preservation
    • WS-026 Valves primarily for use in Warm and Hot Water Systems
    • WS-042 Passive Grease Traps

    View the list of active Standards Australia committees (136KB PDF) that Engineers Australia currently has nominees on. The list is updated quarterly.