RedR Australia


RedR Australia is a leading humanitarian response agency that provides skilled people and training to help communities rebuild and recover in times of crisis.

With a Humanitarian Roster of around 800 technical specialists, when disaster strikes, RedR Australia ensures the right people with the right skills can stand side- by-side local communities and nations to make a difference. 

RedR Australia’s internationally recognised training courses prepare aspiring aid workers for life in the field and help experienced humanitarian’s further hone their skills. RedR Australia also creates bespoke training for organisations.

RedR Australia is a Standby Partner to 14 United Nations agencies or entities, as well as other front line relief agencies and local governments. It partners with the Australian and UK governments to provide a response before, during and after a crisis. 

With an engineering heritage (Engineers Australia is one of the founding organisations of RedR Australia), RedR Australia is driving an Engineering Alliance to realise collaboration that ensures engineering builds for humanity. 

Find out more about RedR Australia, how to join its Humanitarian Roster and its training courses.