Fast track your assessment

    Have your application assigned to an assessor within 20 working days.

    Why use Fast Track?

    Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) applications can take a long time to process. However, you can fast track your application and have it assigned to an assessor for processing within 20 working days.

    Simply select 'Fast Track' when completing your application online.

    Already have an existing MSA application that you want to fast track? Use our online form.

    Engineers Australia Application Service Charter

    MSA pathways Applications claiming times:
    Fast Track applications 
    Applications claiming times:
    Non-Fast Track applications

    Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

     20 working days 12 weeks

    Accredited Australian qualifications
    Washington Accord qualifications
    Sydney Accord qualifications
    Dublin Accord qualifications

     18 working days  8 weeks


    Please be aware:

    • Exact waiting times can vary depending on the number of incoming applications.
    • Waiting times are based on the date of receipt of all required information.
    • Please do not contact Engineers Australia within the time frames listed above, as this will only delay processing times for all applications.
    • Regularly updated advice on the dates of applications currently being processed can be sought by sending us a blank status email request to [email protected] You will receive an automatic response.