Migration Skills Assessment step-by-step guide

Information for applicants — a quick and easy guide for Migration Skills Assessment.

Information for applicants

Easy step-by-step guide


  1. Read the Migration Skills Assessment Booklet
  2. Choose your assessment pathway and start collecting your documents
  3. Read the Applicant User Guide
  4. Create your account with Engineers Australia. If you already have an Engineers Australia account, proceed to step 5.
  5. Log in to myPortal and navigate your way to Migration Skills Assessment 
  6. Start lodging your application

Please note

  • To avoid extra waiting time and paying extra fees, make sure you are applying for the correct assessment pathway and your application is decision ready. If you are unsure, please contact us.
  • Engineers Australia no longer accepts or processes paper-based applications. If you already have a previous paper-based application with Engineers Australia, please refer to the frequently asked questions.
  • Ethical Standards: Information you provide to Engineers Australia may be used for data matching with Australian Government agencies. Engineers Australia reserves the right to use software applications to screen your submitted work for matches either to published sources or to other submitted applications. Misleading and false information is viewed as a major breach of ethical behaviour. We refer applicants to the Engineers Australia Code of Ethics, in particular the demonstration of integrity, available here. Please also refer to Section C and Section D for further details regarding plagiarism, fraudulent documents and ethical behaviour. The sanctions regarding misleading applications include notification to the Department of Home Affairs and up to 36 months ban from applying for a skills assessment with Engineers Australia.

  • Plagiarism: Career Episodes must be based on work conducted personally by you and must be written entirely in your own words. Presenting work conducted by others as your own and/or using other people’s words (templates, Career Episodes, online sources etc.) is considered plagiarism and is a violation of Engineers Australia’s code of ethics. This carries significant penalties including the rejection of the application, imposition of a ban up to 36 months and/or reporting of your details to the Department of Home Affairs for further investigation and action. Please Note: It is not sufficient to merely describe work in which you were involved. Career Episodes must be written in the first person singular clearly indicating your own personal role in the work described. Remember, it is what I did, not what we did or what ‘I was involved in’ and describe how you did it.


Having your Career Episodes written by another person or persons (This includes all hiring or use of any 3rd party professional writers/companies to assist or complete your documentation) constitutes unethical behaviour and may result in serious consequences including but not limited to:

1) Immediate rejection of the application along with the imposition of a ban up to 36 months

2) Mandatory reporting of the applicant’s details to the Department of Home Affairs

Engineers Australia is aware of various entities offering CDR writing services. Please be advised that Engineers Australia does not, in any way, endorse or have any affiliation with these entities and does not condone applicants engaging these services. Applicants are required to complete their own applications and personally write their Career Episodes.

Engineers Australia reserves the right to impose or extend the ban period when the unethical behaviour was found at any stage of the process.