Australian capital projects - risk management, project controls and COVID-19

How has the Australian construction industry been impacted? KPMG Australia Director and NSW President of the Risk Engineering Society Pedram Danesh-Man lifts the hood on the industry in a recent webinar.
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Australian Capital Projects - Risk Management, Project Controls and COVID19

A webinar currently gaining traction on our EA on Demand streaming platform looks into the risk management of the construction industry: ‘Australian capital projects - risk management, project controls and COVID-19’.

Pedram Danesh-Man, Director of KPMG Australia and NSW President of the Risk Engineering Society, takes us on a deep dive through the Australian construction sector and how it has been impacted by COVID-19.

Formerly Jacobs Technical Director (Risk) across Asia Pacific, Pedram has a successful record of executive positions across many different places and is an industry award winner.

He currently leads teams in the delivery of Integrated Project Controls and Project Risk Management to provide engineering solutions in developing and delivering major projects.

Pedram introduces us to the KPMG Major Projects Team and discusses challenges that Australian Capital Projects were facing pre COVID-19.

The sentiment pre COVID-19 was that ‘everything is awesome’ in the sector but if you looked a little bit closer that was not the reality.

Transport projects alone from 2001-2016 spent $28 billion over budget, giving a strong example of the challenges that Australian projects were facing with budgeting.

Many other industry examples were given of pre COVID-19 organisational collapses, problems with project selection and issues with risk assessments. This brought to light that the sector was already facing many challenges before the onset of the current pandemic.

With $400 million set to be spent on government infrastructure projects over the next decade, Pedram suggested that now was the perfect time for the industry to change the way it selects, develops and delivers projects.

The next part of the presentation was about identifying opportunities to address the challenges that the industry and sector are currently facing. Developing and implementing robust governance, project controls, data-based solutions and new digital technologies were just some of the opportunities highlighted.

The presentation concluded with an analysis of megatrends shaping the future of infrastructure and the need to develop and deploy action plans. According to Pedram, organisations that arm themselves with the above knowledge and capabilities will become more resilient and put themselves in a much better position to safeguard for the future.

To find out about these capabilities and to watch the webinar in full, click here.

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