Contract Management a critical skill for engineers

New online training course focuses on understanding your legal obligations under a contract.
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Contract Management a critical skill for engineers

Contract management is a critical skill for engineers, particularly those leading projects. 

Failure to follow a contract or understand a party’s obligations can lead to breaches of contract, disputes, and a loss of reputation.

To ensure engineers are aware of their legal rights and responsibilities, Engineering Education Australia has launched a new online training course focusing on the basics of contract management.

Facilitated by experienced legal professionals, Contract Foundations covers the fundamental aspects of contracting including:

  • how law is made in Australia;
  • preparing a contract;
  • valid and void contracts; and
  • concepts such as duty of care, negligence and failure to disclose information.

Engineering case studies are featured throughout the course to assist engineers apply these legal concepts in practice.

Developing this legal knowledge will improve an engineers’ ability to identify if they are abiding by the law, judge whether claims made by another party are justified and deal with common issues surrounding day-to-day contracting in the engineering landscape.

By offering this course online, Engineering Education Australia aims to expand the access to this content to engineers located across the globe who are working on Australian projects.

Engineers and designers of all disciplines involved in drafting or delivering projects under a contract are encouraged to complete this course as well as contract administrators, contract managers, related team members and those looking to get into project management.

The full course outline includes:

Contract Foundations

Module 1: Introduction to Law
You will begin by building an understanding of how law is made in Australia and the legal framework in which contracts operate.

Module 2: Contract requirements
From here, you will learn to identify the elements that make a legal contract. This will assist you in preparation of a new contract.

Module 3: Conceptual concepts and remedies
Following on, you will be able to discuss the circumstances in which contracts could become voidable and remedies could be sought.

Module 4: Negligence
Next, you will be able to evaluate the extent of your duty of care and look at ways to minimise negligence.

Module 5: Disclosure in contracting
In this last module, you will consider whether failure to disclose certain information can be considered as misleading.

Engineering Education Australia is Engineers Australia’s wholly-owned training provider. To find out more about the Contract Foundations online course, visit the website.