EA Junior Club Launches with league of “Engi-mites”

The new EA Junior Club provides activities and resources to help parents and teachers foster the curiosity of their children and students with its league of "Engi-mites".
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EA Junior club

Spark curiosity in the minds of young students by bringing engineering into the home and classroom.

We are proud to launch EA Junior Club, our primary school program that provides activities and resources to parents and teachers who want to help build skills relevant to engineering. Kids are natural-born engineers and when you introduce these activities into the classroom and at home, our future engineers come to life with problem solving skills. The activities for teachers are aligned with the school curriculum and the parent’s resources are fun, at home activities that spark curiosity amongst kids and adults alike… perfect for the school holidays. These activities are easy to implement and provide an excellent way to foster approaches to learning and support inquisitive young minds. 


Our members can contribute to EA Junior Club by sharing with us activities you do with primary aged children in your life. We need a list of equipment required (ideally already available at home), step by step instructions and the most important part, the why (outcome). Activities can be emailed to [email protected]  


We will kick off our promotional campaign at the end of July on social media with an animated 30sec video that brings our little engineering mascots to life, engaging parents and kids.