Engineers Australia members feed into the nation's infrastructure plans

Planning Australia’s future infrastructure needs is critical to our COVID-19 economic recovery. Over 120 EA members have provided input into Infrastructure Australia’s 2021 Plan for the country.
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Our member-informed policy recommendations will lay the groundwork for an evidence-based infrastructure roadmap for the country that will be presented to Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack in April 2021.  

Based on our 2019 submission to the Australian Infrastructure Audit, Engineers Australia was approached by Infrastructure Australia to assit them in the development of their 2021 Plan for Australia's infrastructure needs. Our 2019 submission made a number of recommendations around future policy decisions but most importantly noted that these decisions need to be underpinned by qualified technical experts:  

“It is crucial for technical experts to be incorporated at all project stages, from planning through to maintenance and beyond. Fully understanding the technical requirements and considering the whole of life, financial and non-financial costs and benefits achieves better value from procurement. We were pleased that IA took on board this fundamental recommendation” said Jonathan Russell, EA National Manager for Policy and Advocacy.  

Division General Managers put the call out to members to participate in online workshops and were overwhelmed with members’ willingness to lend their valuable expertise and time. Over 120 members offered to provide their multi-disciplinary engineering expertise to several workshops across infrastructure sectors such as: Industry, Innovation and Productivity; Sustainability and Resilience; Place; Water; Waste, Energy, Transport; Social Infrastructure, and; Telecommunications & Digital. 

The first online roundtable was held in mid-August and was addressed by Australian Infrastructure Plan Project Director Katharine Hole who urged members to be clear, specific and strategic with their policy reform ideas.  

The Engineers Australia policy team is currently compiling the feedback and draft recommendations from each roundtable workshop to feed into a final report. “This is just one of many examples of how Engineers Australia members make a difference in the everyday lives of Australians,” said Engineers Australia’s lead for infrastructure policy, Sybilla Grady.