Mentor Match: connecting graduates with Chartered members

Our new mentoring platform is connecting experienced Chartered Engineers with graduates to provide career advice and guidance like never before. 
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Mentor Match

Our new mentoring platform is connecting experienced Chartered Engineers with graduates to provide career advice and guidance like never before. 

The recently launched Mentor Match platform is an exclusive, members-only online matching program connecting graduate members with experienced Chartered Engineers to provide guidance and advice for planning their careers.


Mentor Match virtually connects mentors and mentees, using leading-edge algorithms to match needs and values, and guides their relationship over a six-month period to ensure both groups get the most out of their time together. 


The platform was introduced as another way for Engineers Australia to support our graduate members. National Manager of Membership Growth Samantha Zdjelar said: “Our research tells us that the number one thing graduates want is a mentoring connection – and now we have a way to give them access to this kind of career support!” 


We have conducted extensive research into what graduate engineers look for when first starting out in their career, this research has helped us develop and invest in new products and services that will grow the engineering leaders of tomorrow. 


Not only will Mentor Match provide lasting benefit to our graduates, but becoming a mentor offers an opportunity for experienced engineers to give back to the profession and help develop future engineering talent. Often the mentor/mentee relationship is reciprocal, as there’s so much to be learned from the younger generation. Both Graduates and Chartered Members enrolled in the program are meeting different types of people, understanding different experiences, and growing their networks of young up and commers and experienced professionals.


Mentor applications have now closed and we have over 450 Chartered Mentors signed up, and ready to participate. “The list is impressive! Our senior mentors come from all over the country, have a variety of engineering backgrounds and are working in a range of sectors including defence, government, education and the corporate sector.” said Samantha Zdjelar. 


Mentee applications have just opened to graduate members of Engineers Australia to register for the 6-month program, you can find out more and apply here.


Becoming a Mentee will expand your knowledge and skills and give you that mentoring connection and career support you are looking for when embarking on your career.