STEM Strategy

The importance of Engineering in STEM

Analysts around the globe have argued that the way to achieve a technology based economy is to develop the mathematical, technological and scientific skills of the future workforce. These views have been supported in Australia by the work of the Chief Scientist and have given rise to a broad wave of support for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) skills in the development of Australia’s future workforce.

Indeed it’s already apparent that the number of jobs being created which utilise these skills is substantially greater than in areas of traditional skills and unskilled jobs.

New and innovative ideas are the beginning of technological advancement, but it is engineers that translate new ideas into products and services that are commercially attractive in domestic and international markets. Engineering and its continuous development over recent decades effectively uses knowledge of mathematics and science to solve real world problems. Australia’s idea boom depends on the skills of engineers to bridge the gap between idea and practical products and services that will drive productivity and economic growth.

Engineers Australia’s role must be to promote engineering and it’s influence on society, the engineering professions ability to solve real world problems for policy and decision makers, and to educate tomorrows engineers on their ability to change the world through engineering. As part of our role, we have developed a National STEM strategy to drive our activity and focus in this important area.

If you have any inquiries regarding Engineers Australia’s National STEM Strategy, please contact Justine Romanis, National Manager Professional Diversity and STEM on [email protected].

Download the STEM Strategy here.