National Committee for Mechatronics

Mechatronic engineering is related to the design of automated machines. It’s a distinct discipline but is based on a combination of mechanical, electronics and software engineering.

Mechatronic engineers build and design electronic instrumentation and computer control systems which are used in nearly all machinery. These automatic systems which are built into process and plant machinery, constantly monitor equipment for leaks and faults and keep the plant operating all-year round.

Mechatronic engineers can work with electrical and mechanical systems together and solve problems that cross discipline boundaries. Their strength in IT, computer hardware and networking, as well as software, also helps them to be very versatile problem solvers. Writing and testing software for specialised computer systems and micro-controllers forms a major part of the work of many mechatronic engineers.

The National Committee for Mechatronics (NCMech) is part of the Mechanical College Board. The committee is responsible for:

  • contributing to Learned Society activities
  • providing a forum to advance the science and practice of mechatronics and engineering to the highest standards
  • providing a voice for the mechatronics profession to influence leaders and decision makers on public policy and wider community issues
  • informing members and stakeholders about the contribution of the mechatronics profession
  • promoting mechatronics as an attractive career option.


Current committee members are:

  • Associate Professor Dzung Dao – Chair
  • Jodey Brockhurst – Deputy Chair
  • James Trevelyan
  • Richard Bercich
  • Mario Dona
  • Tharshan Vaithianathan
  • Eur Ing Deon Rowley
  • Paul Gonzalez 
  • Ludovic Grosjean 
  • Laxmikant Jahagirdar      
  • Andrew Belford
  • William Pagnon

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