Will your car battery earn you money moonlighting while you sleep?

Electric vehicles are changing the way in which we use electrical networks. This presentation will discuss the developing technology, challenges exciting new opportunities involved.
Will your car battery earn you money moonlighting while you sleep?



Marc and Mark shared their research into electric vehicles (EVs) and their anticipated impact on the grid in 2015, following a detailed report for a new neighbourhood that was built in the Northern suburbs of Perth.

In the last 4 years the EV market in Europe has matured on the back of some support from governments, and all major car makers now offering EV models, with some setting timelines for their entire range to be electric. Some of this product range is beginning to appear in Australia.

During this time, utility companies have begun engaging with a grid that includes distributed electricity producers, as well as consumers. The old basis of electricity tariffs no longer adds up. A demand response mechanism was considered for retail tariffs whereby incentives are linked to managing the load profile at home during specific peak load days. The NCC is now enforcing time of day metering on certain buildings and smart-meters are more widely available. EVs add to this changing landscape by adding loads at previously quiet times of day, and potentially bringing storage and some degree of control into the driveways of households.

Are we approaching the much anticipated tipping point at which the electricity market will be responsive to economic drivers and remunerate the supply chain in a closer relationship to their costs?

Electric vehicles are changing the way in which we use electrical networks, in buildings, in local precincts and in the distribution network. Together with new technology, these trends are bringing exciting new opportunities and challenges to a previously slow moving industry. Marc and ECA have carried out research and number crunching to understand the impacts.

About the speakers:

Marc Greco

Marc Greco is an electrical engineer with 35 years of experience in the design of electrical systems, is a Director at Engineering Consultants Australia and a board member at the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce. Marc has an interest in sustainable economic development and the application of advanced technology to improve our daily lives. Marc has been involved in leading projects relating to renewable energy and off grid systems by WA State Agencies, Utilities and privately owned properties.

Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor is Built Form Sustainability Principal at Josh Byrne & Associates. Mark has been closely involved in a number of projects that have looked at integrating large renewable energy systems and energy storage with the grid in urban locations. Importantly, he has also followed these projects from initial modelling, into the operational phase and analysed performance based on detailed monitoring systems.

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13 / 11 / 2019 - 05:00 pm to 07:30 pm
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Key Speaker(s)
Marc Greco - Director at Engineering Consultants Australia & Mark Taylor - Built Form Sustainability Principal at Josh Byrne & Associates.
Electrical College, WA - Electrical & Electronic Papers Program (EEP)
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