Application of Sustainability to Fire Engineering

Start time: 1.30pm AEDT. Hear from four speakers around focusing fire engineering and sustainability from the perspectives of philosophy, process and technical.
Application of Sustainability to Fire Engineering

In light of a greater push for sustainability through the United Nations Sustainable development agenda, there is a need to evaluate and understand how fire engineering and the fire engineer can play a role in promoting and contributing to a more sustainable world.

This webinar looks to reaffirm what it means to be a fire engineer, including:

  • how we can potentially phrase the sustainability conversation
  • the potential processes behind applying sustainability through fire engineering
  • the technical application of sustainability to fire engineering. 

Hear from four speakers around focusing fire engineering and sustainability from the perspectives of philosophy, process and technical.



Alex Duffy: Senior Fire Engineer - Arup

Alex is a Senior Fire Safety Engineer with Arup. He holds a Masters degree in Engineering from the University of Edinburgh and a Masters degree in Urbanism Landscape Ecology from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Beginning his career with Arup as an intern in Washington D.C., he worked as a fire engineer with AECOM in Sydney for four years prior to undertaking advanced studies in topics related to contemporary urbanism, landscape and ecological design. He subsequently worked at the Centre for Disaster Resilience at the University of Maryland, during which time he contributed to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry. Alex returned to Arup and fire engineering consulting in March 2019. He is a regional skills leader in UNSDGs and co-founder of Arup’s City Fire Resilience Skills Group, which looks to harness fire engineering skills and expertise towards broad challenges related to fire safety and resilience.

Oliver Gibson: Fire Engineer - Arup

Oliver Gibson is a fire safety engineer with over three years’ experience within the industry in Sydney. Having completed a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sydney, his interest in thermodynamics led him to enter into the fire safety engineering profession. Since commencing his career with Arup, Oliver has developed performance based fire safety strategies for a variety of buildings across Australia and has experience within a variety of sectors including arts and culture, sporting and entertainment venues, education and commercial. In addition to his project experience, Oliver is enthusiastic about exploring ways that sustainability can be tangibly applied within the fire engineering industry. A recent focus of his work in this space has been identifying shortfalls in the existing legislation and regulatory framework in addressing evacuation for mobility impaired occupants and identifying ways to overcome these shortfalls through prioritised conversations on the topic.

Rebecca Lawson: Fire Engineer - Arup

Rebecca started working in Arup in November 2016 and is currently based in the Sydney office as a Fire Engineer. Before joining Arup, she has completed a combined degree of Civil Engineering and Project Management at the University of Sydney. Her final year thesis focused on the fire performance of timber structures, particularly focusing on CFD modelling of cross laminated timber. Rebecca has worked on a variety of iconic building and infrastructure projects, including arts and culture, entertainment venues, hospitals and mixed-use buildings. She also has experience in 3D egress modelling of stadia as well as crowd analysis during evacuation scenarios. Rebecca is passionate about providing quality work by prioritizing outcomes over outputs. Through her work at Arup, Rebecca has been challenged to consider sustainability and equitable design in each project and is interested in continuing to develop this approach in the future.

Chris MacDonald: Senior Fire Engineer - Arup

Chris joined Arup in May 2013 and has focused much of his career on in the implementation of fire engineering during construction. Since beginning in fire engineering he has been involved in a variety of projects which have given him a strong grounding in fire risk assessment, inspections and a breadth of site experience facilitating the delivery of comprehensive fire safety advice. Chris is a leader for Arup fire’s site skills group and is a leader in the development of Arup fire engineering’s approach to implementing sustainability into our work.

21 / 10 / 2020 - 01:30 pm to 03:00 pm
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Alex Duffy, Oliver Gibson, Rebecca Lawson, Chris MacDonald
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