Corrosion: Techniques, Technology & Products in Prevention

Start time: 1.00pm AEST. Join a host of experienced professionals as they discuss the management and prevention of corrosion in this three-part presentation.
Corrosion: Techniques, Technology & Products in Prevention

Join a host of experienced professionals as they discuss the management and prevention of corrosion in this three-part presentation.



Benefits of Continual Monitoring and Intelligent Control of Cathodic Protection Systems | Presented by Sam Pattemore

If corrosion is a continual process and Cathodic Protection (CP) is our last line of defense, why do we measure so infrequently? This presentation will explore the many advantages in continual monitoring of CP and how to do it for much less than the cost of an annual survey.

There are some fundamental problems with the way we monitor and control CP which we will explore at a high level and learn how to rectify the problem and save money in the process.


Passive Fire Protection to Structural Steel Intumescent Coatings | Presented by Chris Partington

This presentation will go through the various design considerations needed with passive fire protection, for instance:

  • Can the specified steel achieve the required FRL for its liming steel temperature?
  • Has the detail allowed for expansion allowances of the intumescent coating?
  • Is the correct intumescent system for the exposure environment being specified?
  • Is the intumescent system compliant to Australian Standards and the BCA 2019?


ClampOn Non-Intrusive Corrosion-Erosion Monitoring with Tomography | Presented by Kathryn McDaid

ClampOn is the world leader of ultrasonic instrumentation to the oil and gas industry. ClampOn has designed the ClampOn Corrosion-Erosion Monitor (CEM) to provide accurate and reliable non-intrusive measurement both topside and subsea.

The presentation will provide information on the ClampOn Corrosion, Erosion Monitoring (CEM) Systems principle of operation and set-up to achieve up to 100% coverage between two rings of electromagnetic transducers (EMAT). The technology implemented is compared to traditional methods proving the value of the EMAT transducer in this application.

The CEM has been tested for accuracy by various 3rd parties over the years, and these results will be covered, along with verification of stability tests conducted proving robust measurements are achieved despite temperature variations.

The presentation concludes with some examples of installations top-side and subsea with various modifications to suit the application.


About the Speakers

Sam Pattemore

Sam is the founder of Corrosion Instruments, a tech startup aimed at bringing cathodic protection into the information age. Sam is an electrical engineer with several years’ experience in the pipeline and oil & gas industry. During his time working for a leading Australian pipeline company, Sam noticed some significant deficiencies in the application and monitoring of cathodic protection. Sam has dedicated himself to developing new hardware, systems and methods of monitoring and controlling cathodic protection and hopes to make great discoveries through deep analysis of extensive asset management data.


Chris Partington

Chris has been working in the protective coatings industry for 30 years, predominately with Intumescent type coatings. Initially based in the UK working for several leading European manufacturers as an R&D chemist and various technical engineering roles, Chris Emigrated to Australia in 2007 working for passive fire protection manufacturers and is currently working for Nullifire developing their range of intumescent across Australia and New Zealand.


Kathryn McDaid | Aquip

Kathryn has worked in the Australian Oil and Gas industry for over a decade, with a focus on industrial instrumentation for NDT, rotating machinery reliability, vibration analysis, and ultrasonic measurement technology for subsea and topside pipelines. Her career has centred on assisting Oil and Gas, Mining and Water industry clients find the most suitable solutions to challenging applications.

As Key Account Manager for Aquip Systems’ Oil and Gas clients, Kathryn has worked closely with the ClampOn technical team in Norway to provide non-invasive instrumentation solutions to support client operations in monitoring well integrity and pipeline reliability efforts. 

02 / 10 / 2020 - 01:00 pm to 02:00 pm
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Sam Pattemore, Chris Partington, Kathryn McDaid
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