The psychology of risk and human error – ‘what were they thinking?’

Start time: 5:00pm AEDT. Explore the science of the human limbic system which makes most decisions in life and work. Use this knowledge to implement strategies to reduce limbic risk and human error, particularly in a safety context.
The psychology of risk and human error – ‘what were they thinking?’

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About the event

Hear from Nada Wentzel, co-founder of Jonah Group, who will increase your understanding of the science of the human limbic system which makes most of our decisions in life – and at work.

A common refrain heard after an incident occurs is ‘what were they thinking?’. While we cannot know the exact answer to that question, we can better understand how the brain works and how it introduces added risk we refer to as Limbic RiskTM as a reaction to the conditions it is operating in. Limbic RiskTM impacts an individual's ability to recognise hazards and assess the risk. It increases the probability of human error.

Neuroscience help us understand human behaviour, why people do what they do, what causes human error. As leaders and professionals, we can use this science-based evidence to reduce the probability of human error in our spheres of influence.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the mechanisms as well as insight into our how the brain functions
  • Learn strategies to reduce Limbic Risk™ and Human Error at an organisational, leadership and individual level to help us drive improved performance.


Who should attend

This event is relevant to all engineers, managers and leaders who are interested in our decision making processes.  In particular those whose roles have influence over safety, whether in the workplace or in a technical (process) sense.


About the speaker

Nada Wentzel - Global Solutions Director, Jonah Group


Partner at The Jonah Group, Nada Wentzel is one of Australia’s most qualified and internationally sought after safety culture, mindset and leadership experts. She combines a depth of industry experience across disaster crisis management, safety leadership training and neuroscience.


This is the first in a series of four webinars on the theme of ‘risk management in the new normal’.

The Newcastle College of Leadership and Management present their Biennial Risk Series for 2022 on the theme of ‘risk management in the new normal’.

Our world is changing rapidly and how we approach risk management is too. COVID-19, big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML); our workplace and work practices; security of information; our approaches to Safety; how we manage and how we lead.

This four-part series will cover a range of thought-provoking issues under the umbrella of risk and risk management. Attendees can expect to gain insight into risk application in areas which are topical to managing and leading in today’s world. The webinar is applicable to all engineering disciplines and supplies specific risk management CPD required to meet CPEng and NPER requirements.

Other webinars in this series include:
Managing competency risks in the electrical energy industry – 17 February 2022
Data analytics and risk engineering
methodologies in engineering and construction – 24 February 2022
Cyber and insider threat risks to supply chain resilience – 3 March 2022

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10 / 02 / 2022 05:00 pm–06:00 pm
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