Thought Leaders Series: Managing engineering assets through simulation and integrated modelling

Start time: 4.00pm AEDT. Join industry leaders as they discuss how they have implemented real-time simulation strategies within industry and research.
Managing engineering assets through simulation and integrated modelling

About this event

As engineers and technologies evolve with the current digital age, the integration of real-time modelling and simulation within the management and optimisation of engineering assets, is set to become the new normal of best practice.

While simulation of complex systems is common in contemporary engineering; by implementing that simulation within a broader data ecosystem that capitalises on rapidly advancing sensing capabilities, IoT technologies, cloud-based data management, machine learning, and AI, there are huge opportunities to develop new, data informed, and real-time strategies around assets and their management.

Join industry leaders Dr Govinda Pandey, CEO of Rockfield Technologies Australia, Don Sands, CEO of Synengco, and Emeritus Professor Lin Ma from QUT as they discuss how they have implemented real-time simulation strategies within industry and research.


About the speakers

Dr Govinda Pandey

Dr Govinda Pandey
CEO, Rockfield Technologies Australia

Dr Govinda Pandey has 25 years of international experience both in industry and academia, Dr Govinda Pandey works very closely with the universities, educational institutions, progressive businesses, and fellow civic leaders to help shift paradigms, transform societies and inspire future generation of leaders.


Don Sands

Don Sands
CEO, Synengco

Don founded Synengco in 2001, with the aim of systemising decision-making in dynamic industries to enhance resource sustainability. He believes it is important to ‘live well within our means’ – having a great standard of life whilst bettering our ecological footprint. Don has over 25 years of experience in operations and asset management in the power generation industry. His development of SentientSystem® for asset optimisation has seen both environmental and financial benefits for our customers.


Lin Ma

Emeritus Professor Lin Ma
Faculty of Engineering, QUT School of MMPE

Emeritus Professor Lin Ma focuses on Engineering Asset Management (EAM) as her main area of research. Professor Ma’s collaborative work with other colleagues both at QUT and at other institutions has attracted over $3.3 million in competitive research funding. Whilst being involved in various research projects throughout her career, Professor Ma’s teaching covers a broad subject range in Engineering Management: from manufacturing systems, operations management and traditional industrial engineering to the relatively new disciplines of engineering management and asset management.

Professor Ma has been awarded Queensland’s Smart State-Smart Woman Award in 2007 and QUT Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence – Research in 2007.


David Holmes

David Holmes
Associate Professor, QUT School of MMPE

Dr David Holmes is an Associate Professor in Mechanical Design & Manufacturing at Queensland University of Technology. Dr Holmes holds a B.Eng(Hons) in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Computational Mechanics from James Cook University, specializing in the development and implementation of numerical simulation algorithms.

His current research centers around the development of multi-phase, multi-physics numerical simulation software for application to a wide range of problems including flows through porous media and biomedical research. Dr Holmes also work on the development of new image processing methods for biomedical geometry recognition, the development of programmatic frameworks for deployment of physics applications on parallel hardware architectures, and a range of pedagogical developments in higher education.

Specialties: Numerical simulation, mesh-free particle methods, smooth particle hydrodynamics (SPH), finite difference (FD), discrete element method (DEM), finite element method (FEM), ANSYS, Fluent, enhanced oil recovery, abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA), image processing, curriculum mapping, software development, programming for high performance computing architectures like multi-core and GPGPU.


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