Inspire the next generation with a virtual site tour

Engineers Australia is looking for engineering organisations to take centre stage in a virtual project engagement series for school students designed to get young people excited about engineering.
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With an aim to inspire and engage future engineers, the Engineers Australia Sydney division is setting up a series of ‘deep dive’ virtual site tours. These videos will be an immersion into major projects or important works at companies that are making major strides in the engineering profession.  

Engineers Australia is looking for companies that would like to participate by creating an immersive video for these events. 

For students in years 7 to 12, these pre-recorded video tours will feature easy-to-understand and engaging commentary to get young people excited about engineering. The videos will be followed by a live online discussion between key engineers and the students.  

Sessions were run with students in 2020 as part of the Engineering your Future program, an online school for students in years 10 to 12 and first and second-year university students, and were attended by more than 900 students across four days.  

COVID restrictions meant some of the programs included generic videos, however with capacity increased now at many workplaces, Engineers Australia is looking for in-depth ‘boots and all’ recorded site inspections. 

If your company would like to take part or for more information, get in touch with Caryn Morgan, Position Title on 0467 005 275 or visit.