Queensland E-products Action Plan in development

The Ewaste Watch Institute and Queensland’s Department of Environment and Science are working together in the development of an action plan to address e-waste issues in Queensland. Engineers are invited to participate in the plan’s development.
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The Queensland E-Products Action Plan will look at waste-related issues and impacts from electrical and electronic products.  

The plan will be informed and supported by stakeholders and is intended to be used by the Queensland Government producers, brands, retailers, the repair industry, local councils, the waste and resource, recovery industry, environment and consumer NGOs and the general public. 

To develop the plan, an E-Products Reference Group will be established. This group will provide input from different stakeholders on opportunities and solutions.  

Part of the plan will include a ‘stock and flows’ analyses of e-products which will outline the scale of the industry and the flow of products in the economy currently.  

Goals and objectives will be outlined and prioritised with timeframes for stakeholders, especially for those producing electronic products. It will identify and prioritise actions to inform government policy, funding, investment, public programs, and strengthen procurement across agencies, departments, industries and sectors. 

The plan will present an approach with step-by-step improvements to reduce and avoid the creation of e-waste and the opportunities for circular economy practices within the industry.  

Engineers Australia has registered to take part in the development of the plan. 

Individual engineers are also invited to register early interest to participate in the development of the plan by emailing the Ewaste Watch Institute at: 

John Gertsakis | Ewaste Watch Institute | [email protected] | M 0409 422 089 

Rose Read | Ewaste Watch Institute | [email protected] | M 0418 216 364