Tasmania’s future engineers experience a day in the profession

Engineers Australia’s Future in Engineers program enabled students to experience a day as an engineer. With next generation inspiration a focus for Tasmania, members who would like to be involved in engagement programs are encouraged to reach out.
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Engineers Australia Tasmania recently hosted its Futures in Engineers program, giving 20 keen students the opportunity to experience the engineering profession for a day.

Year nine and ten students from schools along Tasmania’s northwest coast took part in an interactive and immersive day at the Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing and Energy Council.

Engineers Australia organised a tour of the Caterpillar Underground Mining and Research center along with a development workshop for the students to hear about the development of environmentally sustainable mining equipment.

Students also took part in hands on activities to learn about lean manufacturing and they had the opportunity to engage in small group sessions with practicing engineers to learn about the possibilities of a career in engineering.

The Futures in Engineering program has now been running annually for almost ten years and is a collaboration which came about through through the Guaranteeing Futures Program within the Tasmanian Department of Education.

STEM awareness and promotion is a major focus for Engineers Australia. Any Tasmanian engineers or companies looking to get involved with similar programs are encouraged to get in touch with General Manager of Engineers Australia Tasmania, Darren Beattie.

Mr Beattie said we have some incredibly talented secondary students in the northwest of the state and it’s important to showcase the careers in engineering available to them on their doorsteps.

“Whether that be a part of Tasmania’s renewable energy industry, its ever-developing advanced manufacturing sector or aiding in the development of its local communities the opportunities for these students will only be limited by their creativity,” he said.

This year’s Engineers Australia Futures in Engineering program was achieved with support from Caterpillar Underground Mining, the University of Tasmania, the Department of Education, and other private enterprise. It was designed to highlight the range of engineering career options open to students and the study pathways required to reach these career goals.