Engineering registration in Victoria – how we can help

Engineers Australia is urging engineers practising in the building sector to start their mandatory registration process before June 30th.
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Mandatory registration for professional engineers in Victoria working in the building sector or who are civil or structural engineers in any industry need to be registered by 1 October 2022.

With a deadline of 1 October looming, Engineers Australia is encouraging all engineers to prepare now, recommending that engineers begin the registration process at least five months prior to the deadline.  

Those who are not registered on time will either need to work under the direct supervision of a registered engineer or only work in accordance with a prescriptive standard.

This is the second step in the plan to roll out mandatory registration for all fire safety, civil, structural, electrical, and mechanical engineers in Victoria. Fire safety engineering registration became mandatory on 1 December 2021.

The registration process

To become registered, applicants must first be assessed by an approved entity. Engineers Australia is one such entity. Registration can then be obtained through the Business Licencing Authority (BLA). 

For assessment, most engineers will go through a two-step process. First is the completion of an ‘entry to practice’ assessment, to determine their qualifications and training. The second requirement is to undertake an ‘independent practice’ assessment to determine experience and competency. Engineers Australia has created a ‘Get assessed’ webpage which houses further information on the registration process and assessment options.

Alesha Printz FIEAust CPEng, General Manager of Engineers Australia in Victoria, says Engineers Australia is the only one stop shop, able to provide outcome reports for all five Areas of Engineering.

Engineers Australia can also provide statements of eligibility for building industry endorsement in all five Areas of Engineering.

“Engineers Australia is able to undertake assessments for engineers who do not hold a Washington Accord degree and is the only Australian assessment entity that can do so,” she says.

Chartered Engineers Australia members or members on the National Engineering Register are eligible for registration without the need for further assessment. If you qualify, you are able to download a Victorian Registration Outcome report from MyPortal.

This will not apply if you require registration in an area for which you are not Chartered or registered on the National Engineering Register.

Engineers Australia is running free information sessions specifically on Victorian registration during May and June.