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Engineers Australia | March 2022

Engineering our future: South Australian election 2022

With many of the challenges facing Australia requiring an engineering solution, we need a re-think of our workforce to support engineers delivering on the big ideas and creating a more secure and resilient nation. This documents outlines our recommendations leading up to the 2022 South Australian election. 

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Engineers Australia | April 2022

Commercialisation of Engineering Innovation

Despite having one of the world’s most educated and wealthy populations, Australia remains a chronic underperformer when it comes to the commercialisation of engineering innovation.

Engineers Australia | September 2021

Joint submission to Senate Economics References Committee - The Australian Manufacturing Industry

Engineers Australia | September 2021

Creating Better Connections for Queenslanders

Engineers Australia | August 2021

Inquiry into the Regulation of Building Standards

Engineers Australia | August 2021

Inquiry into sexual harassment against women in the FIFO mining industry

Engineers Australia | August 2021

Parliament Joint Select Committee on Road Safety Inquiry

Engineers Australia | July 2021

Inquiry into procurement practices for government-funded infrastructure

Engineers Australia | June 2021

Heritage Act Review

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