CPD recording platform upgrade

Keeping an online record of your CPD just got simpler

We’ve made improvements to the online CPD recording program that make it and simpler to keep your logs up-to-date and ready for your next audit.

The upgraded system now creates a record for you when you attend most Engineers Australia events, watch a presentation via EA OnDemand, and participate in an Engineering Education Australia course. You can easily add in other CPD activities you have undertaken where an automated record is not created.  Our visuals will help you to track your CPD against our requirements for the maintenance of your Chartered and NER credentials.

Your account

The login location has not changed. Login into myPortal and access the ‘Record my CPD’ option from the ‘Manage Profile’ menu from the ‘My EA’ tab.

Your previous online records

All records entered in the previous version of the recording platform have been brought across to the new version. To review them, login to myPortal and head to the 'My CPD Log' menu. All your entries whether old or new will be listed here. Use the filter options and select 'Migrated' under the 'Source' drop down and press 'Filter' – this will show you all your previous system records. 

Reviewing your draft records

All records from our events appear on the CPD homepage of myPortal. These records are in draft. To finalise them, click the edit icon, add any missing details or adjust any details as necessary, and save your record. This will change the record status to finalised and add the hours to your totals. 

Some members are experiencing anomalies with draft records, including missed records or excessive hour calculations. We are working to resolve the issue and in the interim, there are edit and delete options for you to apply as necessary.

Draft records for Engineers Australia events

Engineers Australia event records from 1 January 2021 have been brought into the new version. If you regularly captured your CPD in the previous version, you may have duplicates between these added records and your own entries. To review for duplicate entries, go to your CPD log, use the filter options to set the date range to 1 January–3 September 2021. Use the delete icon to remove the duplicates.

Draft records from Engineers Australia events are automatically added to your record when you register for the event. If you don’t attend the event, you will need to use the delete icon to remove the entry.

Draft records for EA OnDemand

Draft records from the EA OnDemand platform will only be added if you have watched the presentation for more than 15 minutes.

Draft records for Engineering Education Australia

Records from Engineering Education Australia activities from 1 January–3 September will not include a total hour figure applicable, as this was not captured during that period. Use the edit icon to include your total time for those activities. Records since then should include a total hour figure, which you can adjust if necessary.

Adjusting your Areas of Practice CPD hours allocation for migrated records

The previous version of the recording platform did not give you the option to split your hours by Areas of Practice. You can leave these migrated records as they are or choose to split by Areas of Practice. Click on the edit icon next to a record and use the ‘Add’ button to select your area. Once the area is added, choose a time indicator and save the record.

We recommend only undertaking this extra step for those records that are still relevant to your current audit period.

How to adjust your migrated records (PDF)

Splitting your CPD hours across the audit requirement areas

Your time splits against Risk Management, Business and Management and your Areas of Practice do not need to equal the total time claimed for the activity. In many cases, a CPD event may give you knowledge across multiple Areas of Practice in equal measure.

When recording your time allocation, rather than focusing on minutes, consider in broader terms what in the activity was relevant to your overall knowledge.

For example, a two-hour CPD event where you apply two hours as relevant to one Area of Practice and one hour to another Area of Practice will only add two hours, not three to your overall total against the 150-hour requirement. It will add two and three hours respectively to your 50 hours per Area of Practice requirement.

Uploading your offline records

If you have kept Excel records of your CPD, you can add this to your online record. Simply upload your spreadsheet and tell us the applicable totals across the records on the spreadsheet. This will create a one-off overall record of those hours against your totals, with our assessors able to view the detailed entries from the uploaded spreadsheet.

Be aware of any duplicates on your spreadsheet if you have also accepted the draft records in the new system.

After uploading your spreadsheet, we recommend that you use the online system for new CPD records – it is quick to accept a record added by us, or to complete the form to add in other activities.

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