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Looking for a way to stand out and be recognised? Membership with Engineers Australia is your next step.

We work with more than 112,000 engineers in Australia, helping them to connect, learn and grow.

Plus, if you sign up by 31 July 2022, we’ll waive the admin fee so you save up to $90.

When you join us you have access to membership benefits, including:

  • Support and professional benchmarking to move your career forward.
  • Advocacy that shapes the next generation of engineers.
  • Professional development opportunities that go beyond technical knowledge.
  • Events and forums where you can learn from the best.
  • Awards programs that highlight your accomplishments.
  • Industry-leading online resources, training and communities to help set you up for success. 
  • Exclusive rewards, savings and discounts through our partners.

Build your value as an engineer and join Engineers Australia today.

Steps to membership

There are five simple steps to join Engineers Australia.




Fee calculator

This calculator will tell you the fee payable with your application for Engineers Australia membership. 

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How does membership help me?

Senior leader

Make a difference and achieve global influence

You’ve made it to the top. Now as a valuable member of the profession, you want to give back and make a difference. Your technical skills are without question, and your management responsibilities are advancing as you step into leadership.

Engineers Australia will help you expand your knowledge in a way that is globally recognised, has a practical impact on the world around us, and is relevant to the day-to-day of your job. 

We also provide opportunities to: 

  • Influence the future of the profession through advocacy and board membership
  • Give back to the next generation by volunteering, mentoring and sharing your expertise 
  • Be recognised for your achievements through Chartered, EngExec or our Awards program
  • Contribute to conferences, journals and author opportunities

Drive the team towards excellence as you leave your legacy.


Start your membership application today.


Discover the fast-track to success

You have ‘runs on the board’ and you want to be recognised appropriately for your success. You also know you won’t ever stop learning, but you want to channel that learning into moving your career forward, as well as creating a better world.

Engineers Australia will help you remain current while leveraging your skills, developing your leadership profile and finding your unique voice as an engineer, with:

  • Credentials and recognition, from Chartered to the National Engineering Register (NER) and our Awards program
  • Networking, volunteering and events that build your influence
  • Opportunities to shape policy that shapes the world around us
  • Professional development options and resources, from short courses to our create magazine and journals

Lead the team and together, we’ll advance the profession.


Early career

Recognise your potential

Take the lead and proactively build your career to connect, learn and grow.

Engineers Australia will help you control the direction of your career, with resources to help you recognise your potential and start making an impact now. As you aim for greatness, we give you:

  • Online training and CPD to expand your knowledge and value
  • Mentorships with senior engineers in your field to guide your career development
  • Networking and meaningful connections with peers and mentors, online and offline
  • And much more

Leap ahead and start tomorrow's success today.


Build a career without limits

You’re still figuring out exactly how you’ll make a difference as an engineer. You’ve chosen your specialty, and now you need to prove yourself to your managers, your clients and your peers.

Engineers Australia will help you create the change you need to see by building a strong personal brand and a sustainable career with support, mentoring and training when you need it.

Student membership is totally free, and gives you:

  • Access to our members-only graduate job board and Young Engineers Australia community
  • Post-nominals to set you apart from the crowd
  • Networking events, webinars and training to make you a competitive student graduate
  • Ongoing access to technical journals and resources once you've left university

Join the team and be the best engineer you can be.



Frequently asked questions

If you are retired, studying a postgraduate qualification full time which directly relates to your engineering competencies (e.g., Master, PhD) or are experiencing temporary financial hardships, you may be eligible for a concession. Find out if you are eligible here.

Engineers Australia does not suspend membership. You may like to consider setting up a direct debit to pay your membership fees monthly. Find out other payment options here.



Please rejoin by re-establishing your access to myPortal (you may need to reset your password) and then following the application prompts from the Membership tile in myPortal

Re-admission at the same membership grade

To reinstate lapsed membership at the same professional category, please complete an online application for readmission via myPortal. Please use your previous membership number/ EAID to log in to to commence your application.

Re-admission at a higher membership grade

To reinstate lapsed membership at a higher membership grade to the grade you previously held, please complete an online application via myPortal. Please use your previous membership number/ EAID to log in to to commence your application.

Re-admission for Chartered status 

Start an online application for readmission to Chartered status


Fees associated with re-admission and renewal of membership can be found in the current fee schedule. 

View membership fees

Eligibility for membership is dependent on completion of an accredited or recognised engineering qualification, coupled with relevant work experience in the engineering field. Qualifications can be recognised by successful completion of;

In most cases you will need:

  • at least one primary identification document such as a passport photo page, driver’s licence or copy of your birth certificate
  • Degree certificate (testamur) and academic transcript or a previous assessment letter from Engineers Australia (such as a Migration Skills Assessment Outcome letter)
  • A current resume or equivalent

Students do not need to provide qualifications documents and graduates do not need to provide a resume or equivalent. 

If applying for Fellow you will also need to have support from two current Fellow members of Engineers Australia.

There are varying membership fees. Please use the calculator above or visit the Membership fees page to ascertain your category.

Prices may vary depending on time of year and application fee. 

Members wishing to resign their membership are required to do so in writing; by mail, email or fax. To assist us to identify you accurately, please include your Engineers Australia membership number, full name and contact details, along with a brief reason for your decision to resign.

Members can also log into myPortal to create their own resignation application.

If you need support with your membership application, we are here to help!

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