Chartered Engineer: the Measure of Excellence

Become Chartered and be recognised for your work.

Manage your entire Chartered application process online.

Chartered. The Measure of Excellence

Make your mark on the engineering profession with a Chartered credential.

Earn your status as a Chartered engineer.  See your work recognised by your peers, and earn your status as a Chartered engineer. As well as the mark of excellence, you'll gain:

  1. Global recognition - Chartered engineers are recognised throughout the world over for their skills and their professionalism. Chartered is your ticket to global recognition and working abroad.
  2. Career progression - Looking for a senior or consulting role? By demonstrating your skills with a Chartered credential, you gain a competitive edge and show commitment to the highest professional standards. 
  3. Leadership development - Chartered engineers are peer-assessed against industry-recognised standards. You’ll be benchmarked against the best across 16 key competencies, spanning technical, management and communication skills. 


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How many years of experience do you have?

Becoming Chartered puts a concrete value to the work you’ve already done - particularly if you’re already an Engineers Australia member and a practising engineer for five years or more.

Why wait? You may already have what it takes to be Chartered.

Start your self-assessment online here. You can manage the entire process online now.

Please note that the Standard Chartered Pathway assessment process is experiencing a longer than usual time frame due to a recent surge in applications. We appreciate your patience at this time. If you would like to speak to someone about your Chartered Application please chat with our Member Services team via the website or call 1300 653 113. 

Become Chartered - Your Pathway Options

Standard Chartered Pathway

If you have 5-14 years' experience, you can manage the entire Chartered process online, starting with the Self-Assessment.

Step 1 - Chartered Step 2 - Chartered Step 3 - Chartered Step 4 - Chartered Step 5 - Chartered Step 6 - Chartered


Chartered via Interview Pathway

If you have 15+ years' experience, your pathway to Chartered could be as simple as an interview. Read more about the process.



Chartered Information Sessions


    The information sessions provide an overview of the Chartered process and the application process followed by an audience Q&A session. 

    Upcoming sessions are listed below, or refer to your local event listings for further information:


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