Thinking about becoming Chartered?

Group of Chartered engineers

How does your current engineering knowledge stack up against the Chartered Competencies? 

Chartered involves proving (and then maintaining) competency in a number of areas across Personal Commitment, Obligation to the Community, Value in the Workplace and your Technical Proficiency. There are currently 16 Elements in the Australian Stage 2 Competency Standards.

The Self Assessment involves you rating yourself either Developing, Functional, Proficient or Advanced in each of the 16 elements. 

Developing: An aspect of Practice that you are learning and where you need supervision to practice at an acceptable standard

Functional: An aspect of Practice where you can act independently at an acceptable standard without help or supervision

Proficient: An aspect of Practice where your ability to act independently is recognized as at a high standard and you can train and supervise others

Advanced: An aspect of Practice where you can lead teams, train others and can act decisively from experience and a very high knowledge base

Once you have completed your ratings, you will be given advice on options for further development and/or continue with your Chartered application.

The standard to apply for Chartered is functional or above which is typically achieved at the 5 years of experience mark.

You can complete this Self Assessment as many times as you like, printing it to keep as a record of your development until you feel ready to proceed to the Industry Review.

By the time you feel ready to proceed to the Industry Review, you need to have settled on the Areas of Practice you would like to pursue for Chartered. View Chartered Areas of Practice.

Chartered status is typically achieved at the 5 years of engineering experience mark.