For students and educators

Engineers Australia is committed to engineering students and those who guide them to success.

Our commitment

Engineers Australia is pledged to the engineering profession, its practitioners and its proponents. We are committed to guiding and assisting all engineers, including students of all levels pursuing a future in engineering.

Studying engineering

It is never too early for a student to learn and apply themselves to the goal of attending a tertiary institution to study engineering. Curious, inventive children are driven by creativity and aptitude, supported by devoted parents and guided by talented educators. Our goal is to provide a third point of inspiration and direction for future engineers, backing the efforts of their studies and the support of their families and schools.

Teaching future engineers

We admire the dedication and foresight of educators who help students of all ages explore STEM subjects. By instilling a passion for the invaluable components of an engineering mindset in children at a young age, you ensure Australia’s future needs are met with rising talent.

Young Engineers Australia

Young Engineers Australia (YEA) is a community for student and graduate members of Engineers Australia designed to support you on your journey to where you want to be. You can access a range of resources and benefits created to provide tailored support, guidance and advice on all things relating to university, graduating, getting a job and finding your professional feet.