Engineers Australia’s advocacy work is underpinned by data.

Engineers Australia produces a range of statistical resources to inform policy development.

The Engineering Profession - A Statistical Overview

This compendium of statistics and analysis is the most comprehensive of its kind for the engineering profession. It is a great resource for policy makers across portfolios, especially when a deep understanding of engineering workforce trends is required. Download the 13th edition (2017) here (pdf, 5.5MB).

Engineering vacancies analysis

This report examines the engineering labour market in Australia by analysing the direction of change in engineering vacancy numbers. It includes trends over the last decade, and to October 2018. Updated quarterly, you can download the latest edition here (pdf, 1.03MB).

Higher Education: applications, offers and acceptances 

This report analyses applications, offers and acceptances of places in university entry level engineering courses from 2010 to 2017. Produced in August 2018, you can download the latest copy here (pdf, 0.9MB).

Higher Education: commencements and completions

This series of reports analyses data from 2001-2015 which shows the rates of commencement and completion of engineering courses at Australian universities, on a state-by-state basis.

Infrastructure in the Budget

The 2017 Commonwealth budget for infrastructure is less exciting for its headline figures than it is for a shift towards more sensible project funding and use of infrastructure plans. This Policy Note examines that shift and, to assess promises against action, compares federal budget infrastructure allocations with spending outcomes.