Training and development

Engineers Australia helps you grow all your skills — technical, non-technical, leadership and more.

Development and differentiation for engineers 

Engineers Australia is committed to providing you with the tools to advance your knowledge and abilities. We provide training through a variety of platforms and services, ensuring the needs of every engineer and business are met.

Engineers Australia offers training and complementary education through site visits and major conferences. Providing access to means of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is paramount to the mission of our organisation, facilitated by our courses, workshops and events.

Our training provider, Engineering Education Australia, gives professionals and organisations access to courses that refine existing skill sets and help develop new ones. In this highly respected industry, there’s no better place to learn the essential technical, business and project management practices to excel in your field.

The Technical Societies of Engineers Australia offer highly specialised knowledge and training for those seeking to learn from peers operating at the highest levels of their chosen disciplines. They can help you access deep insights and uncover new opportunities for your career.

Explore the pages below to learn about practical courses for professional development. You'll find the resources and professional insights you need to create lasting success in a competitive global marketplace.